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Fiona has dropped. When I woke up a couple days ago, the entire shape of my belly had changed. I had been carrying very high, and now my tummy is visibly lower. I've been having diarrhea for about a week along with some very annoying nausea, tons of cramps and Braxton Hicks, general moodiness and irritability, and an almost total inability to sleep at night. Pretty sure that this thing is about to happen. I am very, very read for it to. LOL
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We told my parents about the baby last week, and we're telling Josh's parents tomorrow, so I'll post about the reveal (with pictures!) later this week.

I'll be 9 weeks on Monday, and while I am starting to feel a little queasier from time to time, my main physical symptom is exhaustion. Sunday morning, I woke up with a terrible cold that I still haven't quite kicked; I'm sure that's contributing to the fatigue (and the nausea; bleck). I went to bed at 9 on Thursday night (after dozing on the couch for an hour) and slept for fourteen hours in a row. And I was ready to go back to bed again at ten the next night. *headdesk*

My knee has stopped the uber!ache and is back to just the normal level of chronic pain I always experience, so that's awesome.

Weirdly, the pregnancy seems to have activated an occurrence of psoriasis. Ever since I was a teen, I've periodically had bouts of psoriasis; fortunately, it has always been confined to my scalp where no one can see and is very, very mild. I haven't had a case in years, but the pregnancy has seen fit to gift me with some. LOL I need to get some shampoo to treat it, but even untreated, it's not terribly bothersome.

Work life continues to be so stressful for both me and Josh that sometimes I think we must be a few taters short of a bushel to even consider adding an additional source of stress to our lives. LOL

Emma has been acting out a wee bit, precipitated I think by my parents' visit and their excitement over the new baby. Also because puberty looms over the horizon like a giant looming thing. We had a talk, though, where she basically admitted that she's feeling insecure, and I think if Josh and I continually reassure her and validate her place in our lives, the acting out will be minimal.
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I had the first doctor's appointment today at 7 weeks. I had gotten myself worked up that since I'm not sick this time around that something was wrong. Josh went with me both because I don't like to navigate to new places and because I was anxious about there being a problem.

I really like the practice; everyone was really friendly and on their game. I didn't even feel the flu shot the nurse gave me, and the pap smear was the friendliest encounter I've had with the mascara wand of doom. I like the doc; he's very laid back which will help with the not feeding into my already over-the-top anxiety. He was all, "Eat whatever you've been eating. Most of those rules about what not to eat and drink and do and etc. are all bunk."

He did the ultrasound; I'd never had a vaginal ultrasound before. It was a bit weird, especially because the gel is warm, bordering on hot, rather than cold. Trashboat was present exactly where she should be, exactly the size she should be, and her heart was beating reassuringly. And she was blessedly alone LOL so no twins for me. :) I can now officially stop freaking myself out and get on with the joy-having.

Doc said that because I had preeclampsia before, I was more likely to have it again, and they'd watch me closely.

I weighed 196.6 pounds, so I haven't gained any weight since October 11--good news there. My blood pressure was good, too, even though I was really anxious. Due date is projected as June 25th, which is what internet told me.

The only slightly irritating thing is that because of my insurance, I have to get my labs done at a separate facility. But the blood being drawn wasn't bad, there was no wait, and they have another branch in a closer town if I ever need to just gets labs done without a doc appointment.

We told some friends tonight, and everyone was really excited for us. That was a nice feeling.

Mom and Dad are coming Friday, and we'll tell them then. Josh's parents are coming for Thanksgiving and we'll tell them then.
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mostly because we have the patience of gnats (or some other unpatientlike creatures).

At first, she didn't believe us. She kept saying, "No, you're not. Quit joking around. You're too old to have another baby." Once we explained that it was not a joke or a trick, she got this really upset look on her face and said she had to go to the bathroom. When she came out, she still looked really upset but wouldn't admit she was upset. I asked her if she was worried that we wouldn't love her as much as the new baby, and then she started crying and said, "Yes!" in the most sobby, pitiful voice. Once we reassured her that we could never love anybody more than her, she calmed down, and now she's really excited. I think she is going to be a fabulous big sister, and she's excited about a new baby. She's been really solicitous, too--asking me if I feel okay and helping around the house. I'm so thrilled she's excited. :)

So far, I really don't feel like I did before in my previous pregnancy. I'm not sick like at all. I'm really tired, and my boobs hurt, and my knee is killing me, and I have to pee every three seconds, but I don't feel anything like I did when I was pregnant before. I'm trying not to find that disconcerting and find it comforting instead with varying degrees of success.
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I went to the doctor yesterday to get a referral to an OBGYN and to get a blood test to confirm the pee test(s!) I took at home. They drew my blood and then told me that I can call on FRIDAY for the results. LOL I don't know what I expected to happen--maybe the skies to open and a heavenly light to shine down on my stomach while the doctor extolled, "Yes! You are pregnant, the best and most pregnant I have ever seen! Go forth and glow, Lorraine!" LOL

I did get a good referral though, a practice that two of the nurses at my GP's have actually used recently, so that makes me feel good. We are close to two major cities, and while Major City A would be more convenient, I want to go to a doc in Major City B because they have a NICU. If I do have preeclampsia again, I do not want to be put in the position of being separated from my baby. When they induced Emma early, we were living in Oxford, and the hospital there is a tiny Baptist hospital with no NICU. I cannot describe to you the utter terror I felt when the doctor told me, "Welp. Looks like you're having a baby today. She's early, so there might be complications. If there are, you have to stay here, and we'll transport the baby to Saint Jude's in Memphis, and it'll be at least a week before we discharge you because of your condition."

Um, no. I am not fucking doing that again. So, I got a referral to a doc in City B and have an appointment for November 7th. They want you to be at least 7 weeks at your first appointment so that they can do an ultrasound. I am stoked!

My blood pressure was a wee tad high yesterday (130/87) which pisses me off. My blood pressure is always good; I guess gaining all that weight back did a doozy on my BP. *sigh* I do not want to start the pregnancy off with a high BP already, darn it.

And also, in a bit of a Walt Whitman moment, I know I said a few posts back that I am feeling pretty zen and all that, but I'm starting to get a bit freaked out that I'm not feeling sick yet. I wish that instead of watching eight hours of Law and Order a day, I had kept track of how my pregnancy with Emma went. LOL I see online that most people don't start to have morning sickness until the 6th week, and I'm just at 4. I wish I could remember how quickly I got ill with her. I know it sounds weird, but there's something kind of reassuring about being sick as a dog. You can't feel the baby move for such a long time, but if you're puking, then that baby's still gelling. LOL

Maybe I won't be sick at all. I'd never hear the end of it from my mother. LOL
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I felt nauseated for a few days, and now I don't anymore.

A run down of my bits and bobs )

In any case, I hate all the waiting. LOL Hopefully by the middle of next week, I'll have some good news, and if not, it won't be the end of the world.

I am determined not to let my attempts to conceive define me, and I am also very aware that reproductive issues are common, and should I have them, it does not make me a special snowflake. I have a good life, a good marriage, and a beautiful daughter that I love very much. If for some reason, I can't have any more children, I'll be disappointed but not devastated.


Sep. 2nd, 2012 06:42 pm
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This is totally ridic, but I am so nauseated today. I feel totes preggers--everything smells nasty, and I've been gagging like gangbusters, and the fatty food I had for lunch was super disgusto. *But* if I'm pregnant, the most pregnant I could be is a week.

I wish I had done better (or any) record keeping with Emma. I know I got sick ridiculously early, but I can't remember if I started feeling nauseated and throwing up before the positive pregnancy test or immediately after (within days).

I fully realize this could be entirely psychological (bad brain! no no no!) or that it could be a symptom of stopping my birth control. As it stands, I normally have several days in my cycle right before my period that feel a whole lot like morning sickness anyway; although my period is two weeks away exactly and I'm not in that part of my cycle, it stands to reason that quitting my birth control could have left my hormones and ladybits confused and *that*'s why I'm feeling all nasto. But that false morning sickness feeling usually isn't as pervasive and continuous as this has been today. IDK.

I'm being reminded of just how horrible unending morning sickness is. *girds her loins and grabs a sack of lemons* :(
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So, here's the skinny.

My daughter Emma was born in 2002. I was 23.

I had a not-so pleasant experience as a pregnant person and new mom for a variety of reasons. )

So, why, given that experience, do I want to have another baby? )

I still have some reservations about having another child. )

Overall, though, I'm deeply excited hope to have good news in the next few weeks as Josh and I officially start trying at the beginning of next week.

ETA: I realized that I should also explain that Trashboat is our nickname for the baby and comes from an episode of Regular Show. I tried to name this journal Trashboat, but alas it was already taken.


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