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Fiona started pulling up and trying to walk around while holding on to things at the beginning of January. She's gotten really good at it by this time.

She can say Mama, Dada, and Emma but not in such a way that I think she is connecting them with the people they represent.

At six months we started feeding her solid food; she's an awesome eater. Her favorites are prunes and sweet potatoes, and we have to cajole her into eating the green things, but overall, she's a joy to feed.

When I went into her room this morning, she was sitting in her crib and clapping her hands. It was so adorable. And then she proceeded to clap (and/or flail violently LOL) for the rest of the morning.

We're just four days shy of 8 months.
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Fiona weighs almost 17 pounds; she's 27 inches long; she's crawling backwards like a champ and pivoting all about; she's getting up on her toes while she's down on all fours like she's trying to stand up; and two weeks ago, her bottom two teeth started to poke through. If you ask her to give you five and stick out your palm, she'll slap it. Josh's dad taught her to say, "Hey!" and wave, and she's babbling so consistently, that I feel pretty sure some more words are on the way. We fed her solid food for the first time tonight and she ate that rice cereal like a champ. Swallowed it all--no gagging or spitting. She was super stoked about it. She's still waking up to eat once in the night and not sleeping all that great; I think being sick the entire month of November had a lot to with that. She essentially didn't gain any weight for a whole month, poor baby. She is always on the verge of an ear infection and we're trying to manage that with nasal steroids. I think they have had some positive effect. Emma loves her sister to bitty bits, and Fiona lights up for Emma like nobody else.

I am enjoying the hell out of being a mommy, y'all.
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Around 11 weeks, Fiona started rolling over from her back onto her side and then her belly. She pretty much sleeps on her side or her belly now, and we usually find her way down at the bottom of the crib in the morning on her tummy with her butt in the air. She is very physically precocious; internet tells me she's not supposed to start doing that until 5-7 months. She draws her knees up under her and basically tries to crawl around; she's not very successful, but she can scoot herself around a very small area over a very long period of time. LOL She also can grab the toys she wants and hold them in her hand and even touch them carefully rather than just batting at them.

We've gone up to size 2 diapers; they're still a bit big on her, but the size 1 diapers had gotten small enough that she was peeing through them and would wake up with a wet shirt in the morning. That hasn't happened since we switched.

She's very verbal, making lots of ma, ga, and oo sounds. It'll be interesting to see when she starts talking.

She's still sleeping really well, usually only getting up once in the night; we put her down sometime between 8 and 9, usually closer to 8. She wakes up once, and then sleeps again until anywhere between 5:30-7. Then she's awake for an hour and goes back down for about an hour nap.

Emma is doing really well. She loves Fiona very much, and she's doing a good job of putting up with this difficult stage where we have to devote so much energy to her sister.
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Fiona is ten weeks old tomorrow. Have a list detailing the past month and a half that I neglected to post about.

1. I am completely recovered from the birth, and the blood vessel tumor thingie on my lip has almost entirely disappeared. Yay!

2. I am ten lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight.

3. Fiona had a lot of trouble sleeping to begin with. She took very, very few naps during the day and never for longer than 45 minutes or so. For example, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. one day she slept a little over three hours broken up into 30-45 minute increments throughout the day. As babies should be getting a metric fuck ton more sleep than that, the upshot was that she would get fussier and fussier and fussier as the day progressed because she was exhausted. She also did not want to sleep in her crib, and she would only sleep at night if someone held her or if she laid next to someone in the bed. Gradually over time, she got much better about sleeping in her crib. She's been taking all naps in her crib for a few weeks now, and the frequency and duration of her naps has increased. She's also sleeping for much longer stretches at night, and last night she slept the whole night in her crib with nobody having to hold her (only waking up to eat and going right back to bed). The relief we feel is indescribable, especially since our first child was (and still is) a champion sleeper. Josh has said on more than one occasion that if Fiona had come first, he would not have been so eager to have another. LOL

4. Colic is totally managed. She doesn't do any more colicky crying. We give her prevacid every morning. I don't get why they don't make a suspension of it; crushing up the pill and mixing it with water is annoying. I know tons of babies take this medicine, so they'd do well, I think, to make a version that caters to that market. We've also elevated the head of her crib and are using the Playtex Ventaire bottles which reduce fussiness, gas, and colic.

5. I stopped feeding her from the breast last week although we are still feeding her breast milk; I'm pumping. After a couple weeks of life, she started having trouble nursing--fussing at the breast and crying--and I attributed it to the colic since my research indicated that many colicky babies fuss at the breast. When we started giving her occasional bottles (and she had her first bottle at the end of the first week of August because I had a surprise meeting to go to), she never fussed. We started giving her bottles at night because she didn't fuss and so that she would drink more and hopefully sleep more. I finally had a hysterical fit last week when every single time I nursed her she just screamed and screamed. It was incredibly frustrating because I am making tons and tons of milk. I have no production problems, and the doctor can't find anything wrong with Fiona to make her fuss at the breast like that. She doesn't have thrush and he can't see anything weird in her throat to make her do that; plus, if she did have some throat problem, it would affect her when she's drinking bottles as well as from the breast. We've gone exclusively to bottle feeding now, and we've started transitioning her to formula. We're using Similac Alimentum; we started Friday with a 3 oz breast milk to 1 oz formula ratio and upped it to 2/2 this morning. We'll do this for a few days, step down to 1/3 for a few more, and then I'll be done breastfeeding. I'm a bit relieved, actually. I'm glad that I'll have been able to give her almost three months of breast milk, but trying to nurse her became so nerve-wracking. I'm also ready to start eating dairy and soy again (although I have discovered several non-dairy items that are worth eating), and I'm ready to wear a bra that actually supports my titties once more. I know it's incredibly vain, but these nursing bras make me look about 10 lbs heavier than I really am.

6. Fiona and I are taking a walk around the neighborhood every morning. I am so out of shape, it's not funny. I'm concerned that once I stop breastfeeding and my metabolism slows (and I start eating dairy again!), that I'll gain back the weight I've lost. I do not want that to happen. I'm also using wii-Fit to measure my weight loss.
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Fiona had her latest doctor's appointment. She weighs 8 lbs 11 oz. She's had no colicky episodes in more than a week. Whoooooo!

We transitioned her to sleeping in her crib last night. It was pretty much a success. She wanted to eat more frequently (which kinda sucked for me), but the sleep I did get was so much better than when she's in the room with us. I hope that by the end of this week, she'll be doing pretty well on her own in there.

I weighed myself at the pediatrician's (first time since Fiona's been born). Two pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight! Go me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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At her three day pediatrician visit, she weighed 7.06 pounds and was in the 39.16 percentile for weight. Her length was 21.5 (which seems to me that somebody's ruler was off a wee tad because that's a bit of a discrepancy for three days LOL) and in the 99.63 percentile. I'm going to have another tall one. :) Her head circumference was 13.75 and in the 74.62 percentile. Maybe she won't have her daddy's enormous noggin. LOL

Fiona's bellybutton fell off last night WHOOOOO!! so today is first bath day.

[I have pictures that need to be posted; it's on the agenda for the week.]


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