39 weeks

Jun. 19th, 2013 05:46 pm
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I had my 39 week appointment yesterday. I'd lost a little weight; down to 15 lbs total weight gain. BP and everything else good. dilated to 3 cm. My next appointment is on the 25th, and at that point we'll talk about how long the doc will let me go before an induction.

I do not want to be induced. I really, really do not want to be induced. Pitocin is horrible. And inductions lead to more interventions like C-sections, episiotomies, and vacuum-assisted births (which is exactly what happened with Emma).

I am actually feeling like something might happen today. I'm having fairly strong cramping/contractiing and hot flashes, but every time I think something is happening, it isn't. I go to bed every night and have painful cramping that goes nowhere, so who knows. LOL

It's my birthday today, and I have totally changed my mind about Fiona having her own distinct birthday. I want her to get out of me now. Now now now. LOL
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My friend who was pregnant with twins had her babies yesterday. She made it to almost 37 weeks, I think, and both babies were over 6 lbs. I am so proud of her. :) I'll be going up to the hospital tomorrow to take a gander at them.

I am also jealous. LOL I am so ready to have this baby. And, yes, I know that once Fiona is out of me, a whole host of other irritations begin LOL but I am so done with being pregnant. I'll be 39 weeks on Monday, and I think part of me thought I'd be done already. Now I'm starting to despair that I'll go past my due date and have to be induced. I do not want to go past my due date OR be induced.

I am completely up-to-date on grading, though, and my students are doing great this semester even though it's a truncated class. So, there's that.
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Fiona has dropped. When I woke up a couple days ago, the entire shape of my belly had changed. I had been carrying very high, and now my tummy is visibly lower. I've been having diarrhea for about a week along with some very annoying nausea, tons of cramps and Braxton Hicks, general moodiness and irritability, and an almost total inability to sleep at night. Pretty sure that this thing is about to happen. I am very, very read for it to. LOL
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I had the first doctor's appointment today at 7 weeks. I had gotten myself worked up that since I'm not sick this time around that something was wrong. Josh went with me both because I don't like to navigate to new places and because I was anxious about there being a problem.

I really like the practice; everyone was really friendly and on their game. I didn't even feel the flu shot the nurse gave me, and the pap smear was the friendliest encounter I've had with the mascara wand of doom. I like the doc; he's very laid back which will help with the not feeding into my already over-the-top anxiety. He was all, "Eat whatever you've been eating. Most of those rules about what not to eat and drink and do and etc. are all bunk."

He did the ultrasound; I'd never had a vaginal ultrasound before. It was a bit weird, especially because the gel is warm, bordering on hot, rather than cold. Trashboat was present exactly where she should be, exactly the size she should be, and her heart was beating reassuringly. And she was blessedly alone LOL so no twins for me. :) I can now officially stop freaking myself out and get on with the joy-having.

Doc said that because I had preeclampsia before, I was more likely to have it again, and they'd watch me closely.

I weighed 196.6 pounds, so I haven't gained any weight since October 11--good news there. My blood pressure was good, too, even though I was really anxious. Due date is projected as June 25th, which is what internet told me.

The only slightly irritating thing is that because of my insurance, I have to get my labs done at a separate facility. But the blood being drawn wasn't bad, there was no wait, and they have another branch in a closer town if I ever need to just gets labs done without a doc appointment.

We told some friends tonight, and everyone was really excited for us. That was a nice feeling.

Mom and Dad are coming Friday, and we'll tell them then. Josh's parents are coming for Thanksgiving and we'll tell them then.
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My period started today, so no Trashboat this month.

This month ended up being fairly stressful because of other events in our personal lives, and so while we started out making Trashboat with abandon, neither of us felt much into it the later half of the cycle, and we clearly did not do it on that magical Trashboat making day, or you know, at all in the almost two weeks before my period started. Cardinal rule of making a Trashboat: it requires sex. LOL

Going by when I ovulated this last time, I should ovulate on October 3rd (16 days after my period begins). If I were to get pregnant this cycle, due date would be June 24.


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