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So, it's officially official. LOL

Test results indicate that as of 10-16, I am indeed pregnant, and my hCG level at that time was 387. Internet tells me this is within normal levels, possibly on the higher end. Whooooooooooo!
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So, I took a pregnancy test today at lunch and got a faint second pink line. Because I am an impatient freak, I took a test yesterday, too, and got bupkis on that one, so I'm thinking this is the real deal and not a test error. I am pregnant, I tentatively squee! LOL I am going to take another test in the morning with my super-steeped-in-hCG pee and see if I can get more declarative results. :)

Pregnancy tests don't work until after implantation happens (which occurs 7-9 days after fertilization), so this makes perfect sense for my cycle. I ovulated on 9/30 and probably got pregnant anywhere from the wee hours of the morning on 10/01 to a more respectable time on 10/04.

In less exciting news, Josh and I started exercising again two days ago. I weigh 196 lbs. It took me exactly a year (April 2011-April 2012) to lose 16 lbs and only a little over 4 months to put it back on. And this was a year of pretty intense daily exercise (not a lot of diet modification, though, I will admit). I guess that somewhere in the back of my mind, a very foolish part of me has been thinking that one day I'll reach this goal weight and then I can just stop exercising or something. Maybe not stop entirely but certainly slack off. And now it's been made abundantly clear to me that in order to lose and keep off weight, exercise will have to be a daily part of my life . . . FOREVER! *cue dramatic music* /Lorraine totally missing the obvious *headdesk*
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So, here's the skinny.

My daughter Emma was born in 2002. I was 23.

I had a not-so pleasant experience as a pregnant person and new mom for a variety of reasons. )

So, why, given that experience, do I want to have another baby? )

I still have some reservations about having another child. )

Overall, though, I'm deeply excited hope to have good news in the next few weeks as Josh and I officially start trying at the beginning of next week.

ETA: I realized that I should also explain that Trashboat is our nickname for the baby and comes from an episode of Regular Show. I tried to name this journal Trashboat, but alas it was already taken.


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