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My period started today, so no Trashboat this month.

This month ended up being fairly stressful because of other events in our personal lives, and so while we started out making Trashboat with abandon, neither of us felt much into it the later half of the cycle, and we clearly did not do it on that magical Trashboat making day, or you know, at all in the almost two weeks before my period started. Cardinal rule of making a Trashboat: it requires sex. LOL

Going by when I ovulated this last time, I should ovulate on October 3rd (16 days after my period begins). If I were to get pregnant this cycle, due date would be June 24.


Sep. 2nd, 2012 06:42 pm
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This is totally ridic, but I am so nauseated today. I feel totes preggers--everything smells nasty, and I've been gagging like gangbusters, and the fatty food I had for lunch was super disgusto. *But* if I'm pregnant, the most pregnant I could be is a week.

I wish I had done better (or any) record keeping with Emma. I know I got sick ridiculously early, but I can't remember if I started feeling nauseated and throwing up before the positive pregnancy test or immediately after (within days).

I fully realize this could be entirely psychological (bad brain! no no no!) or that it could be a symptom of stopping my birth control. As it stands, I normally have several days in my cycle right before my period that feel a whole lot like morning sickness anyway; although my period is two weeks away exactly and I'm not in that part of my cycle, it stands to reason that quitting my birth control could have left my hormones and ladybits confused and *that*'s why I'm feeling all nasto. But that false morning sickness feeling usually isn't as pervasive and continuous as this has been today. IDK.

I'm being reminded of just how horrible unending morning sickness is. *girds her loins and grabs a sack of lemons* :(


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