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Nursery is essentially finished! No more stuff to buy; just waiting on the rest of the loaners from my SIL.

I popped my knee again while getting into the pool yesterday; fortunately, it has not been as big of an issue as when I did it a few months ago. It's got an arthritisy ache to it, but it didn't swell, it's not tender, and I can walk on it. Whew! I think being weightless in the pool for a couple hours afterwards probably helped with that.

Doctor's visit today: BP 119/75, 16 lbs gained, some protein in urine (but not a big deal as no other signs of preeclampsia). They did a finger stick to check my iron and the Group B strep swab. I opted out of the cervix check. Whoooo!

A couple months ago, I developed this blemish directly on my bottom lip; after some internet research I assumed it was a zit as apparently you can get those ON YOUR LIPS OMG when you are pregnant. I kept expecting it to go away, and it keeps not going away. Acne cream seemed to have little effect on it. It's really pissing me off because it's noticeable and ON MY FACE LOL, and I want it to go away. When I went to the dentist yesterday, he seemed a little concerned, and said that it might be this blood vessel tumor thing (benign). I asked the OB today, and he concurred that it looked like that. He said those tumors often grow during pregnancy and then diminish in a couple months postpartum. I'm going to get a dermatologist consult to be sure, but I feel much better now. If it doesn't go away after the baby's born, I can get a plan in place to get this shit off my face. LOL
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