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Around 11 weeks, Fiona started rolling over from her back onto her side and then her belly. She pretty much sleeps on her side or her belly now, and we usually find her way down at the bottom of the crib in the morning on her tummy with her butt in the air. She is very physically precocious; internet tells me she's not supposed to start doing that until 5-7 months. She draws her knees up under her and basically tries to crawl around; she's not very successful, but she can scoot herself around a very small area over a very long period of time. LOL She also can grab the toys she wants and hold them in her hand and even touch them carefully rather than just batting at them.

We've gone up to size 2 diapers; they're still a bit big on her, but the size 1 diapers had gotten small enough that she was peeing through them and would wake up with a wet shirt in the morning. That hasn't happened since we switched.

She's very verbal, making lots of ma, ga, and oo sounds. It'll be interesting to see when she starts talking.

She's still sleeping really well, usually only getting up once in the night; we put her down sometime between 8 and 9, usually closer to 8. She wakes up once, and then sleeps again until anywhere between 5:30-7. Then she's awake for an hour and goes back down for about an hour nap.

Emma is doing really well. She loves Fiona very much, and she's doing a good job of putting up with this difficult stage where we have to devote so much energy to her sister.
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